Mark Wahlberg Talks Tattoo Removal on Today

By: Dr. Angelo Cuzalina


Mark Wahlberg recently appeared on the TODAY show, discussing parenthood, movies, and tattoo removal. The actor reportedly decided to undergo tattoo removal to set an example for his kids.

“I don’t want my kids getting tattoos,” Wahlberg tells Matt Lauer. “I’ve taken my two older kids to the procedure so they see how painful it is and what I have to go through.”

His acting career was one reason for removing the tattoos. The time involved applying makeup to conceal the tattoos was “a pain in the butt.” he said.

While they were meaningful for Wahlberg, as they are for many who choose to permanently adorn their bodies with tattoos. But at some point, people often find that tattoos no longer fit with their lifestyle.

Tattoo removal is often performed with Q switch laser technology. The final results vary depending upon the tattoo. Black ink is easiest to remove, while white and bright colors are not as responsive and may require multiple attempts to remove.

Laser tattoo usually involves multiple treatments, costing an average of $250-$800 per treatment.

Mark Wahlberg’s interesting approach to share this lesson with his children may raise eyebrows and opinions. The fact that we have “permanent” choices to alter and enhance our bodies or decorate them with ink-infused art suggests that we should be mindful of our long-term plans and should consider all consequences.

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