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What Is A Mommy Makeover?

At Tulsa Surgical Arts in Tulsa, OK, Dr. Angelo Cuzalina helps women regain their pre-pregnancy bodies. Even though childbirth is an exciting and amazing moment for many women, it can change the look, shape, and size of various parts of the body. This can make you feel a little frustrated or self-conscious. Thanks to the help of the mommy makeover procedure, women can achieve a youthful-looking and tighter figure. The mommy makeover procedure uses a combination of fat removal and skin tightening to target the breasts, tummy, and lower body. Dr. Cuzalina will address symptoms caused by weight gain or nursing. Additionally, we offer nonsurgical treatments that reduce the appearance of skin blemishes, such as stretch marks. If needed, he can also perform procedures that can tighten the vaginal canal or reduce excess skin on the labia. At Tulsa Surgical Arts, we strive to help you enhance your natural beauty. Please call to schedule with Dr. Cuzalina and learn more about the mommy makeover.

Ideal Candidates

Candidates for the mommy makeover include patients who:

  • Experienced pregnancy, childbirth, or nursing
  • Tried to maintain a healthy lifestyle but with little results
  • Feel embarrassed by the remaining side effects of pregnancy, such as sagging breasts, loose abdominal skin, or undesirable areas of fat on the hips, flanks, lower back, and buttocks

For so many new moms, surgery is recommended to reclaim their pre-pregnancy bodies. If you are past childbearing, but you feel frustrated with your body, a mommy makeover could help you. Dr. Cuzalina's overall goal is to help you regain your pre-pregnancy shape so you can resume life without worry.

I had a mommy makeover done a couple of years ago with Dr. Cuzalina. Great experience and super happy with the results. His staff are the best!

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I had such a wonderful experience. Having a mommy makeover has definitely changed the way I look and feel. Dr Cuzalina did an amazing job. And his staff is amazing too! They were so helpful in getting me through the process.

J.B. Google

Dr. Cuzalina and his staff are amazing! Very friendly and his work is the best! I had a mommy makeover and I am so happy with my result! I can’t stop looking in the mirror!!! Dr. Cuzalina is the best surgeon in the world! You won’t regret going to him!!!

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What Are The Benefits Of A Mommy Makeover?

While pregnancy and childbirth are incredible experiences, they can lead to weight gain or changes in the shape of the breasts, stomach, and hips. These issues often occur together long after pregnancy is over. A mommy makeover procedure helps women to feel healthier and more confident in their bodies again. If you are unsatisfied with your appearance, a mommy makeover can provide a way to regain your pre-pregnancy figure. Dr. Cuzalina will work with you to help you achieve your desired look.

Surgical Technique

A mommy makeover is a unique treatment that we tailor for each patient. Depending on your cosmetic concerns, Dr. Cuzalina will create a treatment plan that works best for you. He can combine a variety of popular procedures, such as a breast lift, breast augmentation, a tummy tuck, and liposuction. In one of our private, AAAHC-accredited operating rooms, we use general anesthesia to help you remain comfortable. Your surgery can last around 3 – 7 hours, but the timing depends on the specific treatment types. In some cases, you may require a day-long stay in our recovery room so we can carefully monitor you. For additional enhancement, your treatment plan might include nonsurgical skin procedures, such as an injection or a laser treatment. These treatments can reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles or other surface irregularities.

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What To Expect

After leaving the hospital, you will start your recovery at home with plenty of rest and proper aftercare. Recovering from this surgery is a gradual process. At first, for a couple of weeks, you may have difficulty walking. In your aftercare documentation, you'll receive step-by-step instructions to ensure your incisions heal properly. Overall, the majority of women find that their healing process can take about six months. However, in about two weeks, you should be able to go back to work. You should avoid working out for about two months because it could impact your healing progress. In the end, a mommy makeover can help you live more comfortably and help you feel more confident.

Are mommy makeovers safe?

Mommy makeovers are considered to be very safe when performed by a professional like Dr. Cuzalina. The procedure is not risk-free, but an experienced provider can minimize these risks. Our team can review your medical history, discuss any preoperative concerns, and outline potential complications during a consultation.

Will I have scars after a mommy makeover?

Some small scars can be expected after a mommy makeover. These scars will fade over time if you follow our guidelines for skin care after treatment. Tulsa Surgical Arts can provide information about cleaning and caring for the incision area, avoiding sun exposure, and using special products designed to reduce scarring and make your skin appear more even-toned.

What if I get pregnant or gain weight?

If you become pregnant or gain weight after a mommy makeover in Tulsa, OK, your body and results will naturally change. This is why we encourage patients to set realistic expectations about their outcomes and consider what they can do to maintain the best possible outcome long-term. It's also best to be at or near your goal weight before surgery.

Reclaim Your Figure

Instead of feeling upset with your body while trying to lose those remaining pounds, we welcome you to call Tulsa Surgical Arts in Tulsa, OK to hear more about the mommy makeover. Dr. Cuzalina can address several issues caused by pregnancy, such as drooping breasts, excess skin, and other surface irregularities. During your consultation, he will discuss your concerns, listen to your cosmetic goals, and create a custom treatment plan. After combining the best procedures for you, we can discuss the cost or if any financing is available. With advanced treatment options and precise surgical skills, Dr. Cuzalina can help you regain the body you desire.

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