Information About Face Procedures

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To rejuvenate your appearance, an eyelid lift reduces excess skin on the upper eyelid or decreases puffiness and fat underneath the bottom lid.

Using a specialized incision and lift technique, a brow lift reduces frown lines in between the eyebrows, saggy and excess skin, or deep creases.

Enhancing the volume of your cheeks and refreshing your complexion, cheek augmentation carefully inserts an implant to help contour your mid-face.

If you have a recessed chin or you want to define your profile, chin augmentation inserts an implant, which creates a stronger-looking jawline.

Otoplasty or ear surgery reshapes, resizes, and repositions your ears, or treats earlobe damage, so you feel more confident about their appearance.

For a youthful-looking complexion, a mini, mid, lower, or a full facelift addresses signs of aging by tightening and lifting the skin and muscles.

Facial fat grafting extracts unwanted fat from the body, then purifies and injects it into the face for added volume and a younger-looking complexion.

If you have a birth defect, scar, or an injury that affects the appearance of the face, facial reconstruction treats soft tissue or bone damage.

Jawline implants can help patients attain a more defined and stronger-looking jawline or improve functionality by inserting implants in the lower jaw.

To enhance the look of your nose or improve functionality, rhinoplasty or a nose job makes subtle changes to the shape and size or treats a deformity.

If you have hollowness near the temples, we place temple implants to add volume, improve the contour of your face, and rejuvenate the complexion.

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