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What are Calf Augmentations?

Often caused by genetics or certain medical conditions, you may have underdeveloped or asymmetrical calf muscles that you want to improve. With calf augmentation, patients who have thin or shapeless legs can receive help at Tulsa Surgical Arts. Dr. Angelo Cuzalina performs calf augmentation to provide a fuller and more proportionate calf muscle. This procedure is very unique and is not commonly offered at cosmetic surgical facilities so our Tulsa, OK office is pleased to be at the forefront of innovative aesthetic care. If you suffer from naturally deflated calves or you desire a more defined calf appearance, call Dr. Cuzalina at Tulsa Surgical Arts to schedule a consultation and learn about your options.

What are the benefits of calf augmentation?

Calves can become deflated or asymmetrical for a number of reasons, including genetics and certain medical conditions. If you have thin or shapeless legs that make you feel self-conscious, calf augmentation can improve your appearance. Dr. Cuzalina uses medical-grade implants to shape and contour your calf muscles, giving you a more proportionate and attractive look. Our team is proud to offer the most advanced tools and techniques in calf augmentation so patients can enjoy natural-looking outcomes.

Is A Calf Augmentation Right For You?

Calf augmentation works well for patients of all ages. The best candidates:

  • Prefer muscle definition in their calves
  • Posses asymmetrical legs
  • Have an illness or disease, such as poliomyelitis or spina bifida
  • Suffered an injury or trauma that resulted in calf deformity

Bodybuilders may also benefit from calf augmentation, especially if exercise or weight lifting does not seem to work. During a consultation, Dr. Cuzalina will assess your calves, discuss your goals, and create a treatment plan that matches your goals.

Surgical Technique

Calf augmentation uses silicone implants in a variety of sizes and shapes to achieve your cosmetic goals. In some situations, only one implant is necessary to improve uneven calves, but for others, two implants are used in one calf to create the desired shape. During a consultation, Dr. Cuzalina will explain the benefits of each technique and develop a personalized treatment plan that addresses your needs.

Dr. Cuzalina will use one of two surgical techniques during your calf augmentation, including submuscular and subfascial. For the submuscular technique, a pocket is created underneath the muscle that makes up the calf. During the subfascial method, the implant is placed on top of the muscle in the fibrous tissue known as the fascia. Dr. Cuzalina will carefully make incisions within the creases of the legs behind the knee, and he will place the implants while utilizing the best technique for you. This surgery usually takes about an hour to complete and is an outpatient procedure.

What To Expect

You will need to use crutches for about a week after your surgery. During this time, you should elevate your legs to help reduce swelling. Swelling and soreness are normal and will begin to subside in the upcoming weeks. To expedite the healing process, Dr. Cuzalina will provide detailed post-surgery instructions, which include information about stretching. You should also avoid strenuous activities to avoid any injuries. After your surgery, you will have better shaped and well-defined calf muscles that can last for 10 – 15 years.

Calf augmentation FAQs

Is calf augmentation safe?

Calf augmentation is considered a safe procedure when performed by an experienced and specialized surgeon like Dr. Cuzalina. But as with any surgery, there are risks associated with calf augmentation. It is important to discuss these risks with our team so you can make an informed decision about whether calf implants are right for you.

Will my calf implants look fake?

This is a common concern among patients considering calf implants. Our team at Tulsa Surgical Arts will work with you to create natural-looking calves that are in proportion with your body. We also take into account the shape of your legs and other features that need to be preserved or enhanced. Rest assured that our goal is to create a natural, balanced look that complements your figure.

Do the calf implants need to be replaced?

Calf implants are generally designed to last for 10 – 15 years. However, this may vary depending on the individual’s body type and age. If you notice any changes in the appearance or feel of your implants, please notify our team in Tulsa, OK. Our professionals can assess the situation and make recommendations for replacement if necessary.

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