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ThermiSmooth® and ThermiTight® in Tulsa, OK

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What is ThermiSmooth Body?

At Tulsa Surgical Arts in Tulsa, OK, ThermiSmooth® and ThermiTight® are body contouring procedures that minimize the appearance of saggy skin on the body or reduce fine lines and wrinkles on the neck or face. ThermiSmooth treats facial wrinkles and ThermiTight improves the appearance of skin laxity. These procedures use radiofrequency energy, which penetrates the deep layers of skin and encourages the production of collagen. As safe and effective treatments, Dr. Angelo Cuzalina suggests ThermiSmooth and ThermiTight to patients who do not want to undergo surgery. Please call us to learn more about either of these treatments and how they can help with the effects of aging.

ThermiSmooth vs. ThermiTight

The perfect candidate for ThermiSmooth or ThermiTight is anyone who wants to avoid surgery and reduce the appearance of sagging skin on the body or signs of aging on the face. We can use ThermiTight to decrease the appearance of sagging skin on several parts of your body, including the back, abdomen, arms, face, neck, and the thighs. If you want an anti-aging treatment for the face, ThermiSmooth treats nasolabial folds, Crow’s feet, and vertical lip lines. During your consultation, Dr. Cuzalina will discuss your cosmetic goals and determine which treatment works best for you.

Our ThermiSmooth Body Technique

At Tulsa Surgical Arts in Tulsa, OK, we perform both types of treatments in one of our private treatment rooms. Generally, ThermiSmooth and ThermiTight treatments take no more than an hour. Each treatment has a slightly different technique. During a ThermiSmooth treatment, the RF handpiece delivers targeted heating to the subdermal tissues by moving it across your complexion in circular motions. If you need a ThermiTight treatment, Dr. Cuzalina will carefully insert the ThermiRF SmartTip™ probe beneath the skin to heat the subdermal tissue. This process helps to smooth and tighten the surface of your skin for a youthful, well-contoured shape. For optimal results, we recommended receiving 3 – 6 follow-up treatments scheduled two weeks apart.

What to Expect

After your treatment, you can resume your daily routine, but you should reduce sunlight exposure for a few days. Because ThermiTight is minimally invasive, we make a micro-incision, but it should heal without requiring stitches or creating a big scar. Typically, patients see results in about 2 – 8 weeks, but this depends on the treatment area, such as the face or body. Your results should last around two years. To maintain your results, you may need additional treatments.

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Noninvasive and effective, ThermiSmooth and ThermiTight treatments can reduce saggy skin on the body or decrease the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on the face. If you prefer an anti-aging treatment that does not require the expense or recovery time of surgery, both of these treatments can help you achieve smoother, tighter, and more youthful skin on the body and face. At your consultation, Dr. Cuzalina will create a detailed treatment plan that meets your needs and discuss the cost of the treatments. To learn more, please call Tulsa Surgical Arts and schedule your consultation.

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