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About Latisse

The eyelashes can make a dramatic difference in your overall appearance. They can help draw attention to your eyes and provide subtle enhancements to your facial features. Unfortunately, some patients may experience a condition known as hypotrichosis, which decreases eyelash growth. To help encourage eyelash growth, we offer Latisse. This prescription eyelash treatment is used daily and placed on the upper eyelashes with a small brush. Over the next several months, you will start to see thicker eyelashes. Compared to mascara, Latisse is a long-lasting solution that offers natural-looking results and the chance for regrowth. Please call Tulsa Surgical Arts in Tulsa, OK to learn more about Latisse and how it can help you achieve beautiful eyelashes.

Is Latisse For You?

Latisse works best for patients who:

  • Suffer from hypotrichosis
  • Experience little, fine, or fair eyelashes
  • Prefer fuller, longer, and darker lashes
  • Want to reduce the use of mascara or false eyelashes
  • Prefer to save time on their daily makeup routine
  • Are prepared to use the treatment daily so they see results

If you experience certain allergies or conditions, you may not qualify for this treatment. During your consultation, Dr. Cuzalina will discuss your medical history to determine if this treatment works best for you.

What to Expect

To receive the best results, you will need to carefully follow all of the directions for Latisse and apply it daily. Before applying Latisse, you should always clean your hands and face to remove any germs, makeup, or oils. Additionally, if you wear contacts, you should remove them and wait for at least 15 minutes after applying Latisse. Using one of the sterile, single-use brushes, patients will evenly place Latisse on their eyelashes. You should start from the roots and go to the top of your lashes. To avoid any negative reactions or side effects, this product is not approved for the lower lashes. In about 3 – 4 weeks, you should start to see an improvement in the appearance of your lashes. Optimal results occur after four months.

Other Considerations

To retain your results, you will need to continue using Latisse on a regular basis. Once you stop applying Latisse, your lashes will slowly start to return to their natural form. Latisse is a bimatoprost serum that imitates the prostaglandin. The prostaglandin is a natural substance in your body that regulates cell growth and hormones. This product may cause side effects, including red or itchy eyes, and in some cases, it could darken the eyelid, cause inflammation, or dry eyes. If you start to experience negative side effects, you should immediately seek medical care to reduce the chance of any major problems.

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Full, Thick Lashes

If you want to improve the length, color, texture, and fullness of your eyelashes, Latisse is a daily prescription that can help improve the appearance of your lashes. It can also reduce the time you spend putting on mascara or false eyelashes. To learn more, please schedule an appointment with Dr. Cuzalina. He will determine if Latisse is right for you and develop a treatment plan. If Latisse is right for you, Dr. Cuzalina will send a prescription to your preferred pharmacy.

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