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What Is A Breast Reduction?

Excessively large breasts can create physical and social concerns for women. It may also impact their self-esteem, cause embarrassment, or create neck and back pain. At Tulsa Surgical Arts in Tulsa, OK, Dr. Angelo Cuzalina helps countless women rebuild their confidence and live more comfortably. Breast reduction surgery removes excess breast fat, skin, and tissue. It also reshapes the breasts and repositions the areolas and nipples so they look proportionate to your new breast size. For most patients, we can combine a breast lift with breast reduction surgery to provide a tighter and healthier appearance.

What Are The Benefits Of A Breast Reduction?

Enlarged breasts impact your appearance and lead to a number of unwanted health problems. Breast reduction surgery provides women with benefits such as:

  • Relief from pain: Excessively large breasts often lead to neck, back, and shoulder pain. Breast reduction surgery alleviates this discomfort so you can live your life comfortably.
  • Improved self-esteem: Breasts that are too large can be embarrassing and make you feel self-conscious. Removing the extra weight makes your figure slimmer and more proportionate.
  • Better physical activity: Women with large breasts often avoid exercise because of the pain it causes. Our procedure can help you live a more active lifestyle.

Submentoplasty with neck contouring - I am 35 years old and have despised my inherited “ski slope” neck line and general neck laxicity. I just sort of had the attitude of “it is what it is,” but after a series of particularly unflattering photos, I decided to do something about it. I met with Dr. Cuzalina as he was the surgeon who performed my breast reduction. I had a rare complication post-op, and he took excellent care of me. After discussion, he told me that neck liposuction, which I initially considered, wouldn’t give me the results I wanted. Because my condition was inherited, the major pocket of fat was below the platsyma muscle and couldn’t be accessed with the liposuction cannula. After a brief crisis of conscience in which I felt that I was being disloyal to my dad, I scheduled my procedure.

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I had a breast reduction, mini tummy tuck with lipo. The staff and doctor were amazing from booking through the recovery. Very patient with me and answered all my concerns and questions. Would highly recommend.

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Are You A Good Breast Reduction Candidate?

If you suffer from excessively large breasts that impact your quality of life, surgical breast reduction can help you live more comfortably. Breast reduction surgery works well for women who experience stress and emotional anxiety or those who struggle to live an active life. If you have ongoing skin conditions or neck pain, this surgery can greatly decrease these types of issues. Before undergoing breast reduction, patients should be at a normal weight. It is also important to choose a skillful surgeon, like Dr. Cuzalina, so you can achieve high-quality results. During your consultation, he will carefully listen to your cosmetic goals, assess your condition, and create a unique surgical plan.

How Is A Breast Reduction Performed?

We perform breast reduction surgery as an outpatient procedure, and we use general anesthesia to help you remain comfortable. The length of your surgery depends on several factors, including the incision technique and the amount of tissue, fat, and skin we remove. For some patients, we may also need to reposition or resize the nipple and areola. Often, liposuction is used to eliminate unwanted fat, which helps reduce breast size. During your private consultation, Dr. Cuzalina will address all of these aspects. The topic of scarring is also thoroughly discussed because it commonly occurs. However, modern methods have led to a noticeable reduction in the overall appearance of a scar. Depending on the size of your breasts, you may need either an anchor or a straight line (vertical) incision. After creating the incision and removing breast fat and tissue, your remaining tissue and skin are tightened, and we close the incision.

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What Should I Expect After A Breast Reduction?

After surgery, we will monitor you in our quiet recovery room and then release you to recover home at home. If you traveled from another city or from another state, you may prefer to stay in our overnight guest suite. To take the stress out of your procedure, we will help you change any bandages, walk you to the bathroom, or assist with other tasks. To help with your healing, Dr. Cuzalina may insert a small tube to help with draining, which reduces swelling and inflammation. For the first couple of days, you will also need to wear a compression bra. This will increase blood circulation to the breasts and encourage healing. Within about a month, the breasts settle and the post-op effects start to subside. At Tulsa Surgical Arts, most patients tend to feel relieved, lighter, and more confident. After breast reduction surgery, you feel excited and more comfortable with your new shape. Please keep in mind that you will need to maintain a healthy weight so your results do not become compromised.

Is breast reduction a safe surgery?

Breast reduction is considered safe when performed by a qualified and experienced surgeon. Complications are rare but can include infection, bleeding, and unfavorable scarring. Dr. Cuzalina uses the most advanced techniques and materials available when performing surgery to ensure the best outcomes. We also make recommendations for postoperative care to minimize these risks.

How much smaller will my breasts be after surgery?

The amount of breast tissue removed during the surgery depends on your specific goals and desired results. Tulsa Surgical Arts can provide before and after photos of previous patients to give you an idea of the outcomes that are possible. We strive to achieve a balanced and proportional breast appearance that meets your needs and expectations.

What will my results look like after breast reduction?

Our surgical team in Tulsa, OK takes great care in creating a natural-looking and aesthetically pleasing result. Incisions are placed in strategic locations to minimize the visibility of scars. We also use the latest suturing techniques — so your incisions heal well. Most patients are very pleased with their outcomes and feel more confident and comfortable in their appearance after a breast reduction.

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Dr. Cuzalina has helped many women regain their health and live a more active life with breast reduction surgery. During your first visit at Tulsa Surgical Arts, Dr. Cuzalina will listen to your cosmetic goals, discuss your treatment options, and create a custom treatment plan. After creating your treatment plan, his front office staff can provide information about the cost or if any financing is available. If you have enlarged breasts that cause discomfort or hinder your lifestyle, please call our office in Tulsa, OK to learn more about breast reduction surgery.

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