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About Lymphatic Massage

The lymphatic system helps the body filter and remove waste from the cells. If your lymphatic system functions well, you feel energize and you have a stronger immune system. If it slows down or becomes blocked after a surgery or injury, you could struggle with uncomfortable side effects, like exhaustion, fluid retention, or susceptibility to illnesses. A lymphatic massage can help improve your lymphatic system so it functions better, removes waste, and decreases swelling. Dr. Angelo Cuzalina is a talented cosmetic surgeon who is proud to provide lymphatic massages to his Tulsa, OK community. If you would like to learn more, please schedule an appointment at Tulsa Surgical Arts.

Ideal Candidates for Lymphatic Massage

A lymphatic massage is a good treatment option for patients who are recuperating from an injury or a surgical procedure because it decreases swelling and encourages optimal blood flow. It can also help patients who feel tired all the time and chronic pain conditions, such as fibromyalgia. During your consultation, Dr. Cuzalina will discuss your medical history, assess your condition, and determine if a lymphatic massage is right for you. If so, he will create a personalized and detailed treatment plan.

Procedure Technique for Lymphatic Massage

In one of our private treatment rooms, we will ask you to lie on a comfortable treatment chair. Using delicate and precise pressure, Dr. Cuzalina or one of his team members will gently massage the body. Unlike a deep tissue massage, a lymphatic massage uses lighter and repetitious movements on the armpits, legs, back, and arms. Massaging helps the lymph system function better by encouraging the body to remove fluid and waste buildup. After your treatment, you can resume your daily activities, but we recommend drinking multiple glasses of water to help your body remove the fluid.

Health Benefits from Lymphatic Massage

When removing excess fluid or waste from the lymphatic system, you’ll experience long-term benefits and feel more energized. Following your procedure, you should drink several glasses of water to ensure you remain hydrated. This will also help the body continue to remove fluid and waste. Often, the massage helps patients improve immunity, enhance weight loss, and decrease fluid retention. Athletes, patients with chronic pain conditions or digestive issues, or fatigue can benefit from a lymphatic massage.

Get Relief Today

If you have fibromyalgia or you experienced a recent injury, please call Tulsa Surgical Arts to learn more about lymphatic massages. This healing treatment has helped many patients feel better because it improves blood flow and encourages immunity. Please call our facility in Tulsa, OK to schedule an appointment with Dr. Cuzalina and receive a personalized treatment plan that addresses your concerns. At the time of your appointment, we will provide information about the costs and answer any additional questions you may have. We look forward to helping you feel better.

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