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How Long Can the Results of Laser Hair Removal Last?

Dr. Angelo Cuzalina05/18/2024

Achieve lasting laser hair removal results for smoother, silkier skin with professional-grade laser hair reduction treatments in Tulsa, OK.


Diminish Double Chin Fat with KYBELLA®

Dr. Angelo Cuzalina04/21/2024

Are you tired of hiding your double chin in photos? KYBELLA® injections in Tulsa, OK offer a nonsurgical solution to reveal a defined jawline.


What Areas of the Body Can Benefit from a Fat Transfer?

Dr. Angelo Cuzalina03/09/2024

Learn how fat grafting surgery at Tulsa Surgical Arts can enhance your face, breasts, buttocks, and more for a natural, youthful look.


How to Know if You Need Breast Revision Surgery

Dr. Angelo Cuzalina02/22/2024

Explore the benefits of breast revision surgery, including enhanced aesthetics, comfort, and personalized outcomes with advanced techniques.


Can a Chemical Peel Help with Skin Discoloration?

Dr. Angelo Cuzalina01/07/2024

Chemical peels at Tulsa Surgical Arts, guided by Dr. Cuzalina, can effectively treat skin discoloration and, enhance skin's texture and tone.


How Soon Can I See Results From Nonsurgical Vaginal Rejuvenation Treatments?

Dr. Angelo Cuzalina12/31/2023

Learn more about how results from nonsurgical vaginal rejuvenation can be immediate, but full effects typically emerge after multiple sessions.


Improve the Appearance of Shallow Contours with Dermal Fillers

Dr. Angelo Cuzalina11/17/2023

Revitalize your look with dermal fillers in Tulsa, OK, and enjoy instant enhancement and long-lasting youthful contours.


How Much Should You Weigh Before Having Mommy Makeover Surgery?

Dr. Angelo Cuzalina10/14/2023

Explore the significance of pre-surgery weight for mommy makeovers, the procedures involved, preparation steps, post-op expectations, and more.


Three Reasons to Consider Breast Augmentation + Lift

Dr. Angelo Cuzalina09/22/2023

Explore rejuvenating procedures, to address sagging breasts and rediscover youthful confidence at Tulsa Surgical Arts.


How Much Younger Can a Facelift Make Me Look?

Dr. Angelo Cuzalina08/29/2023

Rejuvenate your appearance with a facelift in Tulsa, OK, and experience a youthful transformation through skilled cosmetic surgery near you.


How Rhinoplasty Can Enhance Facial Proportions

Dr. Angelo Cuzalina07/31/2023

Explore how rhinoplasty with Dr. Angelo Cuzalina in Tulsa, OK can enhance facial proportions and improve your quality of life at Tulsa Surgical Arts.


How Can I Benefit from Facial Implants?

Dr. Angelo Cuzalina06/24/2023

Explore the benefits of jawline and temple implants at Tulsa Surgical Arts, enhancing facial features and boosting self-confidence.


What Does a Body Lift Surgery Involve?

Dr. Angelo Cuzalina05/31/2023

Discover how a body lift in Tulsa can help you achieve a tighter tummy, improved body contours, and a more sculpted figure.


Is It Safe to Lay Flat After Tummy Tuck Surgery?

Dr. Angelo Cuzalina04/30/2023

If you decide to undergo a tummy tuck surgery, you might want to know what to expect from the surgery, such as if you should lie flat.


Three Areas to Improve With JUVÉDERM®

Dr. Angelo Cuzalina03/31/2023

Reinvent these three features with JUVÉDERM® filler injections.


How Many Cup Sizes Will I Lose With Breast Lift Surgery?

Dr. Angelo Cuzalina02/28/2023

Find out how a breast lift could result in a smaller cup size and ways to ensure you get the results you want.


Your Guide to Recovery After Ear Surgery

Dr. Angelo Cuzalina01/31/2023

Recovery after ear surgery (otoplasty) is straightforward and simply requires rest and relaxation.


When Should Patients Consider Tummy Tuck Surgery?

Dr. Angelo Cuzalina12/31/2022

Get rid of stubborn fat and achieve your body contouring goals with customized tummy tuck surgery.


Breast Implants Can Give You the Breast Shape You Desire

Dr. Angelo Cuzalina11/30/2022

Find out how you can combine a breast augmentation using implants with a breast lift to improve the size, shape, and placement of your breasts.


What Facial Wrinkles Can be Smoothed Out With Injectables?

Dr. Angelo Cuzalina10/31/2022

We can reduce many kinds of facial wrinkles with cosmetic injectables. Discover the benefits of wrinkle relaxers and dermal fillers at our clinic.

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