Three Reasons to Consider Breast Augmentation + Lift

By: Dr. Angelo Cuzalina


Located in Tulsa, OK, cosmetic surgeon Dr. Angelo Cuzalina and his team of surgeons, nurses and expert ancillary staff at Tulsa Surgical Arts are ready to guide you on a transformative journey to help regain your confidence and a youthful silhouette. Simultaneous mastopexy (breast lift) combined with breast augmentation using breast implants continues to be one the most common procedures we perform here at Tulsa Surgical Arts.  You may wonder what makes breast augmentation + lift surgery the right choice to obtain a figure you love. Let’s discuss the three critical reasons why many are choosing to undergo this procedure under the skillful hands of any of our four surgeons.  Dr. Cuzalina opened TSA over 25 years ago and from the very beginning, simultaneous breast lift and augmentation was one of our most common and favorite procedures to perform.  

How can aging lead to the need for breast augmentation and lift?

Aging is a beautiful journey we almost all embrace as we travel through different phases of life. However, it can sometimes bring about changes in our bodies that we may want to address. A significant concern for many women is the sagging breasts resulting from lost elasticity in the skin over time. Dr. Cuzalina can reverse these effects through a carefully crafted breast augmentation + lift procedure. The procedure not only aims to restore a youthful contour but comes with several other benefits:

  • Improved posture: Lifting the breasts promotes better posture, enhancing your silhouette.
  • Restored firmness: Bring back the firmness that is often lost with aging.
  • Confidence: Feel more comfortable and confident in different types of clothing.

What role does significant weight loss play in opting for a breast lift?

Achieving substantial weight loss is an admirable feat. However, it can sometimes lead to decreased breast volume and a change in shape. Dr. Cuzalina at Tulsa Surgical Arts offers breast augmentation + lift to address this concern, replenishing the lost volume and offering a fuller, more youthful appearance.

  • Natural appearance: The procedure aims to maintain a natural appearance, enhancing your figure while respecting your bodily proportions.
  • Customized approach: Dr. Cuzalina employs a personalized approach, understanding your unique needs and preferences.

Can pregnancy affect the contour of your breasts?

Yes, pregnancy and the subsequent post-pregnancy phases bring notable changes in a woman's body, including breast contour changes due to hormonal fluctuations. Sometimes, these alterations may lead to sagging breasts. A combined breast augmentation + lift procedure can restore your pre-pregnancy breast contour. Dr. Cuzalina is adept at offering a balanced approach to ensure a result that brings harmony and youthful firmness, allowing you to embrace motherhood without compromising on your self-image.

Rediscover yourself with the help of Tulsa Surgical Arts

Contact Dr. Angelo Cuzalina and the experienced team at Tulsa Surgical Arts, located near Tulsa, OK, to delve into your options for a combined breast augmentation and lift surgery. Begin the journey to find your younger self again by considering a procedure focused on fixing sagging breasts, giving you a fresh burst of freedom and confidence.

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