Meet Our Team

8 Team Members
  • Dr. Angelo Cuzalina

    Dr. Angelo Cuzalina

    M.D., D.D.S.

    Dr. Angelo Cuzalina is an expert and experienced cosmetic surgeon who specializes in complex enhancement procedures for the body, face, and breasts.

  • Our Admin Staff

    Our Admin Staff

    Meet Our Admin Staff

  • Our Medical Spa Staff

    Our Medical Spa Staff

    Meet Our Medical Spa Team

    Friendly and skilled, our Medical Spa team is ready to help you with a variety of treatment options, such as BOTOX or laser hair removal.

  • Dr. Pasquale Tolomeo

    Dr. Pasquale Tolomeo


    Dr. Pasquale Tolomeo, is a board-certified cosmetic surgeon in Tulsa, Oklahoma performing body and facial cosmetic surgery.

  • Dr. Andrew Sohn

    Dr. Andrew Sohn


    Dr. Andrew Sohn has performed over 1500 major surgical procedures in Dallas – Fort Worth and Oklahoma City metropolitan areas.

  • Our Surgical Staff

    Our Surgical Staff

    Meet Our Surgical Staff

  • Dr. Rola Eid

    Dr. Rola Eid

    D.O., F.A.C.O.S., F.A.C.S.

    Dr Rola Eid became the first resident of Oklahoma State University Medical Center to graduate with 8 years of post-graduate training.

  • Dr. Anthony Congiusta

    Dr. Anthony Congiusta


    Coming Soon.