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Tulsa, OK | The Aesthetic Awards 2013 | Tulsa Surgical Arts

Congratulations to Dr. Cuzalina for his big win last year for "Best Overall Patient Enhancement," as well as to the fellow nominees and winners! Dr. Cuzalina is excited to join his colleagues for the show this year in July.


Speaker 1: I want to welcome everyone to Aesthetic TV and the Aesthetic Show's seventh annual Aesthetic Awards. Dr. Andrew Ordon is our scientific chairman and also our host tonight.

Dr. Andrew Ordon: You're truly innovators in the world of aesthetic medicine.

Speaker 1: The most important part of this night are the Aesthetic Awards. We had about 250 entries.

Dr. Andrew Ordon: Best facial injectable enhancement. Best surgical facial rejuvenation.

Speaker 3: Best non-surgical facial rejuvenation. And the nominees are: Dr. Warren Tracy Hankins, Dr. Mohsen Tavoussi, Dr. Adel Dadeli.

Speaker 4: Aesthetic award goes go-

Speaker 5: And the aesthetic award goes to-

Speaker 6: The winner is Dr. Amy Miller.

Dr. Andrew Ordon: Best overall body makeover enhancement award, Dr. Mohsen Tavoussi.

Speaker 7: And the Aesthetic Award winner-

Speaker 8: The Aesthetic Award goes to-

Speaker 9: Dr. John Hamill. Congratulations.

Speaker 10: Dr. Dima Ali.

Dr. Andrew Ordon: Dr. Angelo Cuzalina from Tulsa, OK.