Tulsa, OK | The Aesthetic Awards 2013 | Tulsa Surgical Arts

Let's Get Started


Speaker 1: I want to welcome everyone to Aesthetic TV and the Aesthetic Show's seventh annual Aesthetic Awards. Dr. Andrew Ordon is our scientific chairman and also our host tonight.

Dr. Andrew Ordon: You're truly innovators in the world of aesthetic medicine.

Speaker 1: The most important part of this night are the Aesthetic Awards. We had about 250 entries.

Dr. Andrew Ordon: Best facial injectable enhancement. Best surgical facial rejuvenation.

Speaker 3: Best non-surgical facial rejuvenation. And the nominees are: Dr. Warren Tracy Hankins, Dr. Mohsen Tavoussi, Dr. Adel Dadeli.

Speaker 4: Aesthetic award goes go-

Speaker 5: And the aesthetic award goes to-

Speaker 6: The winner is Dr. Amy Miller.

Dr. Andrew Ordon: Best overall body makeover enhancement award, Dr. Mohsen Tavoussi.

Speaker 7: And the Aesthetic Award winner-

Speaker 8: The Aesthetic Award goes to-

Speaker 9: Dr. John Hamill. Congratulations.

Speaker 10: Dr. Dima Ali.

Dr. Andrew Ordon: Dr. Angelo Cuzalina from Tulsa, OK.